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Bear Market Game Plan: Strategies for Success in Choppy Markets

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Savvy investors know that come bull, bear or choppy market conditions — significant money can be made by applying the right methods during the right market climate. If a “Game Plan” is in place — you can prosper in the face of the “bear” – and ride a “bull” to even greater profits. But, how do you know which techniques to employ in a bear market? How do you recognize which type of market you’re in – or if the trend will soon be shifting? Let Ross Jardine, online trading pioneer and founder of the Online Investor Toolbox, lay out a clear, concise “Game Plan” for surviving and prospering, even in the most unpredictable market conditions. Ross’ step-by-step “Game Plan” approach will coach you on which strategies to use, and when to implement them for consistently superior results. Learn Ross’: 1) Key strategies that are ideal for brutal bear market circumstances,
2) Ways to protect your investments during up, down or choppy markets,
3) Tools for determining the market’s tren