Prepare Now and Survive the Coming Bear Market: This Time is Not Different

In the book, “Prepare Now and Survive the Coming Bear Market,” author and columnist Michael Sincere interviews professional trader Mark D. Cook on how to navigate through a treacherous bear market. Cook takes readers through the 11 stages of a bear market, including how it begins and ends. Cook strongly believes a vicious bear market is coming, and you will learn the warning signs that a major plunge is imminent. 

Cook is not just a market expert but he is a Market Wizard who correctly predicted the 1987, 2000, and 2008 market crashes, and also went long in 2009. Most investors can profit when stocks are soaring, yet are overwhelmed when they continually decline. With his 38 years experience, Cook not only survived three major bear markets but also has amassed a fortune from them. In fact, he made the most money during these bear markets precisely because they were so fast and vicious.

After reading “Prepare Now and Survive the Coming Bear Market,” instead of fea