Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets

From boom to bust, business cycles create investment opportunities. Investors who know how to recognize, predict and plan for these cycles reap significant benefits. This knowledge gives investors an edge not only in today’s thriving bull market, but in market downturns as well. Managing portfolio performance and volatility is of growing importance for all investors in today’s rollercoaster market. Pundits and talking heads alternate between touting the glories of a high-flying market with seemingly no end in sight to warning of the possibilities of a disastrous bear market just waiting to happen. In “Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets”, portfolio manager and newsletter editor George Dagnino shares the insights and strategies that have won him praise in “Forbes” as one of the top five investment professionals for his decade-long record of excellent performance in bull and bear markets. Dagnino builds a guide that explains how business cycles drives the prices of stocks, bonds, commoditi