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Riding the Bear: Reap Huge Gains by Recognizing a Bear or Bull Market

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Over the last 100 years there have been 29 serious stock market corrections, with declines averaging 31.6%. There were ten in which the declines averaged 49.4%. In those, investors lost half of their invested assets. Yet, in the upside of every cycle, the endurance of the bull market transports investors into a state of confidence where they believe this time will be different. The record-breaking bull market of the 1990s certainly has had that effect, the excitement enticing investors into the market as never before, carrying them away on a euphoric wave of confidence that they’ve discovered something new, a risk-free money machine. History shows otherwise. Eighty percent of public investors wind up losing money in the stock market over the long term, because few emerge financially intact from the periodic bear markets. Riding the Bear is aimed at ending that vicious cycle for its readers. It explains clearly why bear markets are inevitable, why the next one is just around the corner,