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Dow Theory: From Bear Markets to Bull Markets- How to Predict Market Movements with the Original Theory of Technical Analysis

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Learn Market-Predicting Concepts That Most Investors And Traders Will Never Know

In this book, you’ll discover dow theory which is the basis of technical analysis.

By understanding this theory, you’ll have a serious advantage over the vast majority of traders and investors who try (and fail) to trade based on strategies, candlestick patterns, etc. without ever taking the time understand this critical material.

By the end of this book, you’ll understand the rhythmic movements of the markets—and how to take advantage of it for profitable trading and investing!

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn…

– What dow theory is and how it can be used to understand and predict the movement of the markets– Chapter 1

– The 3 fundamental assumptions that are the basis of dow theory (and modern theories of technical analysis)– Chapter 2

– The 3 different types of price movement– Chapter 3


Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win: How to Use Key Indicators to Profit in Any Market

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The secrets to making money–no matter what the market conditions!
An introductory guide to investing, Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win shows you how to build your wealth and protect your investments in an ever-changing market. With author and financial expert Michael Sincere’s guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the key indicators and clues that can help you predict the market’s performance and better understand when to sell and when to buy.
His clear, concise strategies show you how to prosper during bull markets, be cautious during sideways markets, and make a profit when the market is going down.