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Rule the Freakin’ Markets: How to Profit in Any Market, Bull or Bear

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In 1988, Michael Parness followed a stockbroker’s advice and lost nearly all of his nest egg of 0,000. In 1999, he opened an online brokerage account and set out to get his money back. In fifteen months, he turned ,000 into million, started the online trading Web site “Trend Fund”, and developed a trading strategy that delivers profits in both bull and bear markets.
In Rule the Freakin’ Markets, Parness uses visual aids and practice exercises to show online traders and investors how to:
– Practice responsible trading techniques that maximize reward and limit risk

– Avoid the “Seven Deadly Sins Plus Fear” that block success in the market

– Protect investments no matter what the market does

– Understand how market technology drives daily and cyclical market moves

– Avoid the pitfalls of trading in cyberspace

– Recover and learn from significant losses

– Strategize and anticipate, rather than overreact or freeze, when change occur


Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win: How to Use Key Indicators to Profit in Any Market

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The secrets to making money–no matter what the market conditions!
An introductory guide to investing, Predict the Next Bull or Bear Market and Win shows you how to build your wealth and protect your investments in an ever-changing market. With author and financial expert Michael Sincere’s guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the key indicators and clues that can help you predict the market’s performance and better understand when to sell and when to buy.
His clear, concise strategies show you how to prosper during bull markets, be cautious during sideways markets, and make a profit when the market is going down.